General Information

Lesotho is a world without fences. Breathtaking scenery abounds and every season has unique attractions. Malealea lodge consists of an assortment of buildings from old farmhouse buildings to en-suite thatched rooms and rondavels and camping.

For the more adventurous, there are hikes, pony treks, mountain bike and 4 x 4 trails to suit every level of fitness.

There is plenty of cultural interaction with the local village where you can visit the pre-school, go on village walks and visit the museum. A local band and children’s choir perform every evening. Experience Basotho Culture in Lesotho.

Relax on the lodge lawns, fill up on the ”world famous” scrumptious home cooked meals and breathe in the surrounding peaceful nature and beauty. “MALEALEA OFFERS LESOTHO IN A NUTSHELL”

Contact Details

● SA Contact No’s via sms whatsapp and whatsapp calls only - Jackie Muller - +27 (0)82 5524 215

● SA Contact No’s via sms phone calls, whatsapp and whatsapp calls – Jackie Muller +27 (0)82 775 5560

● Main Lesotho Contact No: Jackie Muller - +266 5323 0295 |

● Emergency Contact No: Bob Mohale - +266 5883 9646 | Glenn Jones: +27 (0)82 824 0883

General Information

  • SOLAR POWER: There is no electricity - Malealea Lodge is running on Solar Power, from 7am to 10pm at night. In overcast conditions, we switch off the power during the day to conserve the batteries.

    • No electric hairdryers, flat irons, kettles, toasters, heaters, irons and other heating appliances are allowed to be used as they will drain the battery system.

    • Power will be switched on at 7am, unless it is overcast.

    • Power will be switched off at 10pm.

    • Please switch off all lights when not in use. Some outside lights cannot be switched off.

    • Try to charge your devices during the day as much as possible

  • MEALS: are served at the lodge.

o Dinners are a set menu. Dinner times are 7 - 9 pm in summer. 6.30 - 8.30 pm in winter. (Dinner on night of arrival: Phone or email to pre-book dinner on the night of arrival - all other meals and actvities can be booked when you're at the lodge.

o Choose from our Breakfast menu (Continental, Hot or The Full Breakfast).

o You can order lunches from our small daytime menu. Try the "famous" Malealea Monster Burger with chips. Lunches are served between 12:00pm and 15:00pm.

  • CHECK IN TIME is from 14h00 to 20h00; check out time is by 12h00.

  • Linen and towels are provided, except for the forest hut rates.

  • Gas Heaters are available for hire @ R100 per room per night during the winter months.


  • MUSIC: No music from cars or radios is allowed to be played on the property. Musical instruments are allowed to be played until 10pm. We have the right to ask musicians to stop if other guests are being disturbed.

  • Band and Choir perform every evening from 5:30 - 6:30pm in the summer months and from 5:00 - 6:00 from May to September for a small donation.

  • Optional Day Activities - All is flexible and can be arranged at a moments notice on site.

  • Old clothes are always appreciated as a tip and for the Malealea Development Trust.

  • The facilities available at the Lodge are strictly reserved for the use of residents.


  • There are two self-catering communal kitchen which are very basic with only the essential items. They do have gas cookers, fridges and portable braais.

  • A bar with Pool Table and small curio shop on site, firewood & charcoal for sale

  • Children’s TV room.

  • 2 large halls for conferences.

  • A large games room with pool table and table tennis table.

  • Swimming pool during summer months only. In drought conditions, it serves as a reservoir and the water is used to supply water to the lodge. It is not a crystal blue pool, and its main purpose is to bring welcome relief on a hot summers day.

  • Clay Tennis Court (Tennis rackets and balls are available for hire). Private Tennis lessons from a TSA qualified coach available on request.

  • Children’s playground with jungle gym and trampoline

  • Visit the Handicraft Centre to buy your Lesotho souveniours.


    • There is WiFi available which makes use of the Vodacom Lesotho mobile tower which provides 3G. Provided the weather is good (strong winds, multiple cloudy days affect the signal) internet is stable. The first 50MB are for free and thereafter, WIFI vouchers are available at the Bar for R50 for 500MB.

    • If you prefer you could bring a 3G toggle/modem and purchase a Vodacom Lesotho sim at any Vodacom Lesotho store or at the border posts where you can also register the sim using your passport as an ID before you get to Malealea . Purchase some prepaid airtime and transfer to data. This is your best bet if you want to work whilst in Lesotho.

Child Policy

  • Children aged between 7 - 18 yrs are charged half price on accommodation only.

  • Children aged below 6 yrs stay free of charge.

  • Children sharing parents’ room on mattresses with linen provided - No charge

Cultural/Environmental excursions at Malealea

1. Cultural Village Tour: Visitors are shown around the village. Options range from 1 hr to 3 hrs. (The 3hr walk includes Beer Tasting, Talk with a Chief and a visit to the museum).

2. Museum in a Traditional Hut and Lesotho Herbs & Plants are being planted. David Mokala has the knowledge of the plants and past traditions.

3. Village Home Stay: An option for 2-4 people is offered for a traditional overnight Basotho home stay not far from Malealea lodge. bring food to share with the family or arrange for them to cook a simple meal. (Email for more information).

4. Soil Erosion - Reclaimed Washout: About 26 years ago, this area was a 3 metre deep donga and has been reclaimed single handedly by Mr. Fanuel Musi. In the beginning he used only a leather apron to cart rocks for his dams. He now has vegetable gardens, reeds, birds and lush vegetation, which was once a soil-eroded dried out donga. Springs have started flowing in that area, where there never were springs before. This dedication and hard work is a most remarkable achievement for Fanuel Musi. An extremely good example to the rest of the country to help soil erosion. He died of Parkinson’s disease, but his grandson & wife are continuing the work.

5. Sangoma Appointment: Please book in the morning - R100.00 pp We do have a Sangoma - Herbalist in the village. This is for people who are genuinely interested in finding out about Traditional Healers. The Bones are thrown and the Sangoma discusses health, travel and well-being of the visitor. You have to ask the questions that you are interested in e.g. health, travel, family etc. You have to read between the lines and the answers are often symbolic. Most of the time only the genuinely interested people will get a good response. Other Visitors can be disappointed, but it is up to you to ask as many questions as possible. If you are not happy with his consultation - please tell David.

6. Basotho Choir & Band: The Choir & Band put a hat down and are paid separately. Suggested donations are R30.00 pp for the choir and R20.00 pp for the band. A local Basotho Band using Homemade instruments entertain the visitors. The groups are welcome to dance with the band and this always creates good interaction and fun. One of the bands has played at WOMAD music festival in the UK and Australia.


  • Pony Treks are sent off daily as required. If you have small children, enquire at reception for family discounts. Small children wanting to go on pony treks can take a walking guide @ R25 per hour extra to lead the horses.

  • Medical Insurance number is required when signing the indemnity form before you start your trek. Wearing of helmets is compulsory.

  • Packed lunches can be ordered from the kitchen at breakfast time.

  • Please read the notice board for riding tips and overnight treks in the large recreational hall.

  • Giving tips are optional. R20 per group per hour is the standard tip for pony trekking and hiking guides. You can give more, but remember all hikes and pony treks will be added onto your bill, so if you feel like giving a tip in addition to what you will be charged on your invoice, then please give this directly to the guide. Please do not give a tip to the guide if he/she asks for a tip. We would like to create a culture where tips are given because excellent service has been received and good information has been exchanged.

  • Day Hike & Pony Trek Rates

    • R25pp per hour for the Village Cultural Tour, R30pp for the Museum Visit, R10pp for the local beer brewing and R10pp for a talk with the local Chief as additional add-ons The guides, beer brewing, Chief and Museum are paid from the fees. The balance of the income from the hiking trails is donated to the Malealea Development Trust, which has funded 3 classrooms, a pre-primary School, a handicraft centre, various small business projects, a community hall. In 2016 the Makheteng school received funding for the upgrade of toilets, cooking facilities and a fence for the entire area of the school. Please for more info. All other hikes are R25 per person per hour.

    • NB: The only money that needs to be handed over on a community village walk is for the buying of food, drinks, handicrafts etc. If you feel you would like to donate or contribute to the community please contact the MDT ( - the small Basotho hut office around the corner from reception. If you give cash to individuals on the tour, it is not guaranteed that your money will reach its intended destination. If you inform the MDT that you would like to donate to the school, for example, the MDT will collect all donated cash intended for the schools and distribute this equally amongst the many schools in the area. This also ensures that other schools benefit and not just the school conveniently located near the lodge.

  • Overnight Pony Trek and hike Rates

    • If you are doing overnight pony treks or hikes, please ask for the pony trek info to be emailed to you.

    • Overnight Pony Treks & Hike rates are per person per day, plus night in village AND range from 2 days - 6 days (or even longer on request). The rates include your horse, a guide, guide's horse, a packhorse and the overnight hut stay. The rates exclude meals and are self-catering. (Request a quote for a fully catered pony trek)

    • Overnight Hikes (slackpacking) include a guide, guide's horse, a packhorse and the overnight hut stay.

    • Please bring food and a sleeping bag for trek. (Sleeping bags are available for hire at the lodge if you don't have your own).

    • Medical insurance number required for an emergency exit and wearing of supplied helmets compulsory.

  • Day Pony Treks & Hikes

Very Easy Pony Trek/Hike

  1. Pitseng Plateau Top of the Gorge Pony Trek/Hike (1.5 - 2 hrs).

For the more adventurous

  1. The Botsoela Waterfall Hike or Pony Trek (4hrs)

  2. The Botsoela Waterfall & Bushman Paintings Hike or Pony trek (5hrs)

  3. The Griffiths Day Pony trek is far more challenging and is about 5hrs and longer.

Hikes only

  1. The Pitseng Canyon & Rockpool Hike is through magnificent gorges and cascade of 3 rockpools and is about 3hrs or the longer 5–6hrs.

  2. The “Gates of Paradise Hike”, along the ridge of the Matelile Mountain Range. All day and difficult

  3. Mafukufuku and the 3 Peaks Hike. All day and difficult

Mountain Biking

Venture into the mountains on various mountain biking trails to suit all levels of abilities from comfortable to extreme. Ride on single tracks, gravel roads, climbs and descents with spectacular views. A local guide with very good knowledge of the routes and bicycle maintenance can accompany you.

Malealea Monster MTB Event held every year in May.

4 x 4 Scenic Day Drives for visitors using their own vehicles

  1. Botsoela Waterfall Drive 4x4 vehicles ONLY in DRY WEATHER ONLY, 3 hour drive.

  2. 4 x4 Drives into the Ribaneng valley. 3 hours to all day.

  3. 4x4 Drive – Makhaleng Sunset Drive – real 4x4 adventure to the top of the Makhaleng River. (1 hr each way)

  4. Scenic day drive to Thaba Bosiu, Maseru, Morija Museum and Archives. Dinosaur Footprints

  5. All day drive pas Mpharane, Mohaleshoek, Quthing. Places of interest on these routes are the Dinosaur Footprints and Ellenberger’s cave house.


  • A deposit is required to confirm your booking.

  • All cancellations must be made in writing.

  • A no-show fee of 100% will be charged if guests fail to arrive at the Lodge on the stated date or if cancellations are done within 24 hours of arrival.

  • Cancellations received 7 - 0 days prior to arrival will forfeit 100% of cancellation fee.

  • No cancellation fees before 7 days prior to arrival.


Neither Malealea Lodge (Proprietor: Malealea Trading (Pty) Ltd.) nor any or all of the Community, villages or other persons acting for, through or on behalf of the above, shall be responsible for any death, injury or illness sustained or suffered by a person, or for any loss or damage to any property occurring within or arising from a visit to Malealea Lodge or participation in all activities or surroundings however caused, & whether allegedly due to the negligence or otherwise of the members, employees, agents or helpers of Malealea Lodge or arising from the use of any of the facilities supplied or from any alleged defect in any equipment, services or conveyance supplied or made available from any liquid or foodstuff supplied, or arising in any other manner and from any other cause whatsoever.