Pony Treks/Hikes

Pony Treks & Hikes

  • Pony Treks are sent off daily as required. If you have small children, enquire at reception for family discounts. Small children wanting to go on pony treks can take a walking guide @ R25 per hour extra to lead the horses.

  • Medical Insurance number is required when signing the indemnity form before you start your trek. Wearing of helmets is compulsory.

  • Packed lunches can be ordered from the kitchen at breakfast time.

  • Please read the notice board for riding tips and overnight treks in the large recreational hall.

  • Giving tips are optional. R20 per group per hour is the standard tip for pony trekking and hiking guides. You can give more, but remember all hikes and pony treks will be added onto your bill, so if you feel like giving a tip in addition to what you will be charged on your invoice, then please give this directly to the guide. Please do not give a tip to the guide if he/she asks for a tip. We would like to create a culture where tips are given because excellent service has been received and good information has been exchanged.

  • Day Hike & Pony Trek Rates

    • R25pp per hour for the Village Cultural Tour, R30pp for the Museum Visit, R10pp for the local beer brewing and R10pp for a talk with the local Chief as additional add-ons The guides, beer brewing, Chief and Museum are paid from the fees. The balance of the income from the hiking trails is donated to the Malealea Development Trust, which has funded 3 classrooms, a pre-primary School, a handicraft centre, various small business projects, a community hall. In 2016 the Makheteng school received funding for the upgrade of toilets, cooking facilities and a fence for the entire area of the school. Please https://www.malealeadevelopmenttrust.org for more info. All other hikes are R25 per person per hour.

    • NB: The only money that needs to be handed over on a community village walk is for the buying of food, drinks, handicrafts etc. If you feel you would like to donate or contribute to the community please contact the MDT (https://www.malealeadevelopmenttrust.org) - the small Basotho hut office around the corner from reception. If you give cash to individuals on the tour, it is not guaranteed that your money will reach its intended destination. If you inform the MDT that you would like to donate to the school, for example, the MDT will collect all donated cash intended for the schools and distribute this equally amongst the many schools in the area. This also ensures that other schools benefit and not just the school conveniently located near the lodge.

  • Overnight Pony Trek and hike Rates

    • If you are doing overnight pony treks or hikes, please ask for the pony trek info to be emailed to you.

    • Overnight Pony Treks & Hike rates are per person per day, plus night in village AND range from 2 days - 6 days (or even longer on request). The rates include your horse, a guide, guide's horse, a packhorse and the overnight hut stay.

    • The rates exclude meals and are self-catering. (Request a quote for a fully catered pony trek)

    • Overnight Hikes (slackpacking) include a guide, guide's horse, a packhorse and the overnight hut stay.

    • Please bring food and a sleeping bag for trek. (Sleeping bags are available for hire at the lodge if you don't have your own).

    • Medical insurance number required for an emergency exit and wearing of supplied helmets compulsory.

  • Day Pony Treks & Hikes

Very Easy Pony Trek/Hike

  1. Pitseng Plateau Top of the Gorge Pony Trek/Hike (1.5 - 2 hrs).

For the more adventurous

  1. The Botsoela Waterfall Hike or Pony Trek (4hrs)

  2. The Botsoela Waterfall & Bushman Paintings Hike or Pony trek (5hrs)

  3. The Griffiths Day Pony trek is far more challenging and is about 5hrs and longer.

Hikes only

  1. The Pitseng Canyon & Rockpool Hike is through magnificent gorges and cascade of 3 rockpools and is about 3hrs or the longer 5–6hrs.

  2. The “Gates of Paradise Hike”, along the ridge of the Matelile Mountain Range. All day and difficult

  3. Mafukufuku and the 3 Peaks Hike. All day and difficult