4 x 4 Scenic Day Drives

4 x 4 Scenic Day Drives for visitors using their own vehicles

  1. Botsoela Waterfall Drive 4x4 vehicles ONLY in DRY WEATHER ONLY, 3 hour drive.

  2. 4 x4 Drives into the Ribaneng valley. 3 hours to all day.

  3. 4x4 Drive – Makhaleng Sunset Drive – real 4x4 adventure to the top of the Makhaleng River. (1 hr each way)

  4. Scenic day drive to Thaba Bosiu, Maseru, Morija Museund Archives. Dinosaur Footprints

  5. All day drive pas Mpharane, Mohaleshoek, Quthing. Places of interest on these routes are the Dinosaur Footprints and Ellenberger’s cave house.